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11 Must Watch Motivational Movies for Every Entrepreneur Out There

Hello Friends, I am here with another much-needed post for every student with entrepreneurship dream out there. It consists of top 11 motivational movies for every aspiring entrepreneur. I have seen a lot of students who want to have their own venture rather than ending up in a small cubicle. Having our own venture is not an easy task at all. Apart from absolute determination, patience, and passion – motivation play a key role in making you work at your peak. I have seen my friends working very hard but they are in the same place as before. This can be due to the lack of motivation every single day of their work.

This is not just in the case of the initial period of your startup. Successful entrepreneurs also need motivation on a daily basis for working at their best. Everyone has found their ways to remain happy and motivated all through the day. Some of them practice motivation of reward while some of them practice motivation of fear. One of the most exciting ways to find motivation is through movies. Fiction can often tell us what the actual reality is. There are many movies made for the audience to provide motivation. Apart from the motivation, it also teaches them to see their lives from a different perspective.

Want to experience how an entrepreneur journey be like? What problems do they need to face in order to be successful? Here, The Cineknot comes with top 11 best motivational movies that every entrepreneur must watch. I have shortlisted these 11 best movies for you from a long list. It includes motivational movies for students as well as for businessmen. I have seen all of these mentioned movies and I should say they are the masterpieces.

11 Must Watch Motivational Movies for Every Entrepreneur

The Godfather

Motivational Movies
Source: nofilmschool

Don Vito Corleone, Mafia head handovers his entire empire to youngest of his three sons, Michael. Michael after getting into the unavoidable cycle of violence and disputes, drawn deeper into the business. “The Godfather” directed by Francis Ford Coppola featuring Marlon Brando and Al Pacini in leads. It was the highest-grossing film ever made over the years. It won Oscars for Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Screenplay.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Motivational Movies
Source: macworld

“Pirates of Silicon Valley” is a biographical drama which explores the rivalry between Steve Jobs-Founder of Apple and Bill Gates-Founder of Microsoft. Also, it shows what impact does it make to their companies as well as the people.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Motivational Movies
source: killingtime

“The Pursuit of Happiness” is a story of a man named Chris Gardner who loses all his earnings after investing it in a product. He takes an internship in a brokerage firm in order to provide his son with all the basic necessities. “Will Chris makes something out of it?” is worth looking for. It was one of the best motivational movies ever made.


Motivational Movies
Source: yourstory

“Guru” is a biographical drama based on Dhirubhai Ambani featuring Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan in leads. It is a story about a small-town Gujarati boy who goes from streets to become the business magnate of the country. Must watch for anyone with a business dream. One of the Best Hindi inspirational movie ever.

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year

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Source: radiantcircus

A B.Com Graduate Harpreet Singh Bedi after getting insulted by his bosses finally decides to run his own company. He is running his own company parallelly without the knowledge of anyone. “Will he get caught?” or “Will he succeed?” is worth watching.

The Social Network

Motivational Movies
Source: marketwatch

“The Social Network”, a biographical drama based on the incident when Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook is sued by two brothers of stealing their idea. It is a story of Mark’s earlier college days at Harvard and Creation of Facebook. A must watch for young Entrepreneurs.

Inside Job

Motivational Movies
Source: moviecitynews

“Inside Job” is a documentary fiction that tells the causes and consequences of Economic Recession in the United States. The movie is narrated by Matt Damon who covers all the important factors and elements that led to the collapse. It is a documentary consisting of a variety of interviews and discussions on the Economic Recession.


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Source: info.umkc

Billy Beane along with Peter Grand, a Yale graduate reinvents new methods for better baseball player selection. “Moneyball” is directed by Benett Miller featuring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. You don’t need to understand baseball in order to enjoy the movie. One of the best sports movies ever made.

Something Ventured

Motivational Movies
Source: cbinsights

“Something Ventured” is a documentary covering the stories of the most revolutionary companies in the world. Behind some of these companies were Venture Capitalists who saw something for investing in them. Some of the companies shown in the documentary are Apple, Atari, Google, Cisco, Intel.


Motivational Movies
Source: mashable

“Jobs” as the name suggests is a Steve Jobs Biography telling the journey of Steve from a Stanford dropout to the Apple’s Founder. It shows all the ups and downs steve jobs have to go through for his company.

The Wolf of the Wall Street

Motivational Movies
Source: youtube

Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, it is about the rise and fall of a wealthy stockbroker. It is directed by Martin Scorsese featuring Leonardo Di Caprio and Jonah Hill in leads. One of the best movie ever made on Wall Street. A Must Watch.


Here is my list of best Motivational Movies ever made over the years. These are the best inspirational movies of all time. These movies provide you with all the basic elements and parameters one must need to take care of in order to succeed in business. Behind every successful person, there can be a woman but there must be motivation. On that note, I hope you like my list. Comment below your list of best motivational movies and also tell which of the above mentioned you find the most interesting. Also, Comment scenes from these movies which you find most interesting and motivating.


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